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Pennod 11 📚

Gewn ni weld pa mor astud rydych chi wedi bod yn gwrando gyda chwis bach! *Ceisiwch ateb heb fynd nôl i wrando. Defnyddiwch eich côf!* 1. O ba wlad ydyn nhw'n dweud mae 'Denise' yn dod? 2. Beth oedd yn brifo traed Denise? 3. Beth oedd enw'r bachgen o'r un flwyddyn ysgol â Lisa? 4. Beth oedd ystyr y gair 'allt'? 5. Beth oedd y bachgen wedi prynu o'r siop ar gyfer ei frecwast? 6. Beth maen nhw'n cynllwynio i wneud yfory? 7. Sut mae Dennis yn disgrifo ei galon ar ddiwedd y pennod? Atebwch mewn brawddegau llawn os gwelwch yn dda, naill ai trwy ysgrifennu/ teipio neu ar lafar (siarad). Cofiwch i rannu eich atebion gyda ni trwy wasgu 'Add Response'.




enlightenedGweithgaredd ar Seesaw enlightened

Chapter 11 📚

In this chapter, the narrator learns something new about his Grandma. Something that he didn't know before. Today's task is to ask about members of your family. It can be about any member(s) of the family (Mam, Dad, Aunty, Uncle, Brother, Sister, Nan, Grandad, Great Grandma or Grandad- anybody!). See how many things you can learn about members of your family! Maybe you could ring those that don't live at home, to ask how they are and to find out more? Press the 'Add Response' button to share what you have learnt. You can record or type- it's completely up to you! Remember it doesn't have to be about just 1 member of your family, you can do as many as you like! This task will also help with the task we have set for this afternoon (your family tree). We're looking forward to hearing all the interesting things you have learnt! Pob lwc!




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Today's task: In today's chapter both Mrs Khan and the narrator talk about putting the pieces of Ahmet's life back together, like a jigsaw. What we'd like you to do is think about everything you have learnt about Ahmet so far and think about the pieces he has already found and is putting together by being in London (i.e. a home, an education, friends etc). We are trying something new! Have a go and see how it goes! We'd like you to click on the template attached to this task and fill each jigsaw piece with text (click on the T to do this) with your ideas about the pieces he has FOUND. Then, using the microphone symbol, record yourself listing the pieces that you think might still be MISSING in Ahmet's life. What pieces does he still need to find?


Any problems please get in touch. Pob lwc!