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Connecting Puzzles, Y5 & Y6

In this video we make connections between algebraic shape puzzles and a range of word questions. Great for building understanding of problem-solving for chil...

Shapes and Stories, Y5 & Y6

This video helps children to see the link between our shape puzzles and different worded questions. This will really help children in Y5 and Y6 with their pr...

Shape Puzzles Part 2, Y5 & Y6

Building algebraic thingink for children in Y5 and Y6 using shape puzzles. Some great opportunities for problem-solving!

Shape Puzzles Part 1, Y5 & Y6

An introduction to some fantastic addition and subtraction puzzles where shapes represent missing numbers. Great preparation for algebra for children in Y5 a...

Different Contexts, Y5 & Y6

Exploring a range of different sum and difference questions, using bar models to show an effective method and identify misconceptions. Great for building und...

Boys, Girls Children, Y5 & Y6

Here we use equipment and bar models to solve a range of different sum and difference questions. Deep thinking for Y5 and Y6 mathematicians!

The Same Difference, Y5 & Y6

Exploring difference and using related subtraction facts to help children in Y5 and Y6 to become more fluent in calculation.

5 Consecutive Numbers, Y5 & Y6

The 5 Consecutive Numbers Challenge, Y5 & Y6. Be challenged, explore and enjoy!

Four Numbers Challenge, Y5 & Y6