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Tasg 2 / Task 2

Task 2: Art - Create your own Dragon


Can you create and draw a picture of your very own dragon? What kind of dragon will you create? What does your dragon look like? What characteristics do they have?


Think carefully about your dragon. Does the dragon breathe fire? Does it have strong long legs which enables it to run fast? You can be as creative as you wish when designing your dragon.


You can draw your picture on paper - colour it in if you can. You could use paint, watercolours, colouring pencils, crayons or felts - whatever you have at home! Or you could be creative and design your dragon digitally on the ‘Draw’ app on Google Drive. 


There are some examples of dragons for you to see below - in case you need some inspiration.


There are also some resources in the above file that may help you.

Pictures for Inspiration