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Tasg 2 / Task 2

Task 2: Describe your Dragon


*** You must complete the second task under theme (Task 2: Create your own Dragon) before completing this task ***

Now that you have created and drawn your brand new dragon, can you describe you dragon in as much detail as possible?


When describing, be as detailed as possible - try and bring your dragon to life through your descriptions. 

There are resources below to help you to complete your work; look at the different maps to help you up-level your work and vocabulary.


In your description, you could describe;

  • your dragon's appearance - what does the dragon look like?
  • your dragon's character - is your dragon kind? caring? timid? playful? selfish? angry? aggressive? ferocious?
  • where your dragon lives - Does the dragon live in the misty mountain? the mysterious woods? the overgrown, magical jungle? on top of an ancient, gargantuan building?


Be as creative as possible when writing!


Toolbox (things you must include in your description):

  • Vary your sentences by including two different Alan Peat sentences in your description

             - Ad, same ad Sentence

             - 2A Sentences

  • Vary your openers
  • Use wow words and similes to describe
  • Describe your dragon in as much detail as possible


Remember to look at the resources below to help you when completing your task. Remember also to concentrate on your spellings and your punctuation. These are important! Use a dictionary to check your spelling (or spell check in completing your work on the computer/tablet) and use a thesaurus to help you to up-level your vocabulary.